Sugar Inspection Services in Amritsar

Sugar Inspection Services in Amritsar
Sugar Inspection Services in Amritsar
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CIL provides accredited Raw & Refined Sugar Inspection services in Amritsar, Punjab, India.Whether inbreakfast cereals, chocolate, cakes, ketchup or convenience foods sugar isfound in many foods that taste particularly delicious and sweeten our lives.Sugar is a sweet tasting and crystalline food. The raw material is obtainedfrom the sugar beet or sugar cane. The best known and most commonly used sugaris probably white household sugar. In addition, there are other forms of sugar,such as brown cane sugar.


In a recenttest, a total of 45 different whole cane and cane sugar products were testedfor glyphosate, pesticide residues, heavy metals and mineral oil contamination.The sugar samples were mainly from fair trade and organic farming. The goodnews first,  almost all products werecertified as having very good ingredients, with only two products failing tomeet the mark satisfactory. No pesticide residues were detected in theunremarkable sugars, and only a few samples showed harmless levels of mineraloil contamination. While the use of pesticides is prohibited in organicfarming, pesticides may be used conditionally in Fairtrade production and inconventional farming. Strict legal regulations apply to keep consumer exposureto these substances low. In addition to the ingredients, the respectivecultivation conditions, as well as the transparency of the supply chain andworking conditions were also evaluated.


How can youdetermine if your sugar is contaminated with pesticide residues or impuritiesof mineral oils beyond the legal limits, The internationally orientedlaboratory network of the CDG  Group hasthe latest analytical equipment and specializes, among other things, in theresidue analysis of pesticides in food. In addition, we can also test yourproducts for mineral oil residues. We make sure that the contaminants found donot exceed the legally prescribed limits and that you can market your sugarwithout hesitation.


A few sugarpackages also attracted attention with deficiencies in the presentation ofnutritional information. The information on the packaging must not bemisleading, it must be legible, clearly visible as well as understandable. Ourinternational labeling team of experienced experts knows the legal declarationrequirements on a national and international level and can therefore advise youon the correct labeling of your products.Quality Inspection Services (QIS), 

Review andapproval of Quality Assurance Plan

Visit ofQuality Expert to vendors shop for Quality inspection

QualityInspection of machinery and equipment at suppliers works as per the approvedquality assurance plan

WitnessingFactory Acceptance Tests

Conductstage Wise quality inspection

Preparationof Quality inspection Report

Issuing ClearanceCertificate

Inspectionwaver certificate for non critical equipment

Preparationof Monthly Status report

Approval onQuality Assurance Plan

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