Green Audit Services in Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Green Audit Services in Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Green Audit Services in Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Product Description
CIL provides Green Audit Services in Bengaluru(Bangalore), Karnataka, India. CIL is an ISO 17020 accredited inspection body.The term Green meanseco-friendly or not damaging the environment. This can acronymically be calledas Global Readiness in Ensuring Ecological Neutrality (GREEN). Green Audit canbe defined as systematic identification, quantification, recording, reportingand analysis of components of environmental diversity. Green accounting can bedefined as systematic identification quantification, recording, reporting &analysis of components of ecological diversity & expressing the same infinancial or social terms. Green Auditing, an umbrella term, is known byanother name Environmental Auditing. The Green Audit aims to analyseenvironmental practices within and outside the college campus, which will havean impact on the eco-friendly ambience. It was initiated with the motive ofinspecting the work conducted within the organizations whose exercises cancause risk to the health of inhabitants and the environment. Through GreenAudit, one gets a direction as how to improve the condition of environment andthere are various factors that have determined the growth of carrying out GreenAudit. Educational institutions have broad impacts on the world around them,both negative and positive. The activities pursued by campus can create avariety of adverse environmental impacts. But they are also in a uniqueposition as educational institutions to be leaders in pursuing environmentallysustainable solutions.

Needfor Green Audit
Green auditing is the process of identifying and determining whetherinstitutions practices are eco-friendly and sustainable. Traditionally, we aregood and efficient users of natural resources. But over the period of timeexcess use of resources like energy, water, are become habitual for everyoneespecially, in common areas Green Audit gives an efficient way of naturalresource utilization. In the era of climate change and resource depletion it isnecessary to verify the processes and convert it in to green and clean one.Green audit provides an approach for it. It also increases overallconsciousness among the people working in institution towards an environment.

Goals of green audit

1. Identification anddocumentation of green practices followed by university.

2. Identify strength andweakness in green practices.

3. Analyse and suggestsolution for problems identified.

4. Assess facility ofdifferent types of waste management.

5. Increase environmentalawareness throughout campus

6. Identify and assessenvironmental risk.

7. Motivates staff foroptimized sustainable use of available resources.

8. The long-term goal of theenvironmental audit program is to collect baseline data of environmental parametersand resolve environmental issue before they become problem.

Benefitsof Green Audit in educational institutes

There are many advantages ofgreen audit to an Educational Institute.

1. It would help to protect the environment in and around the campus.

2. Recognize the cost savingmethods through waste minimization and energy conservation.

3. Empower the organization toframe a better environmental performance.

4. It portrays good image ofinstitution through its clean and green campus.

Conclusion: Greenaudit is all about corporate responsibility. It uncovers the truth aboutstatements made by governments and companies with regard to the effects ofenvironmental pollution. The aim of green audit is to review the measures takenby the company to combat pollution.

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