Fire Safety Audit in Jaipur

Fire Safety Audit in Jaipur
Fire Safety Audit in Jaipur
Product Description
CIL Provides Accredited Fire Safety Audit in Jaipur, Rajasthan, india. CiL is an ISO 17020 accredited agency for fire safety inspection or fire safety audit.

Fire Safety Compliance Audits are an integral component of the current fire services maintenance standard AS 1851 to 2012 and of   but we are also offered as a standalone service which may be extended and combined with a risk audit to assist building owners, managers and occupiers in meeting their general risk management obligations, their statutory obligation to provide a safe place of work, and to prepare for loss prevention audits.We can undertake a comprehensive audit of a building to determine any fire safety compliance and risk deficiencies, including such elements as, Inspection of all fire safety measures and paths of travel with the building to verify consistency with the nominated standards of performance.Verification that fire safety installations are being maintained to the required standardsGap analysis between current fire code requirements and the requirements in force at the time of building construction

  • Identification of adverse housekeeping and management practices presenting increased risk to life and property
  • Verification that storage practices are consistent with sprinkler/hydrant design parameters.Fires in the recent past across India have been reportedmore frequently and are having disastrous effects on human life and property.The most common reasons attributed to loss due to fire accidents are as follows,No provisions made for Fire Fighting systems during the design and constructionof the buildings and industries , Lack of awareness about Fire Safety measures ,Testing and verification of the firefighting systems Fire Safety Audit, FireSafety audit is a systematic and independent evaluation of the fire riskspresent in the premises and involve recommendations about appropriate measuresto control and mitigate the effects of fires. Organizations applicable for FireSafety Audit, Industry bodies, Offices, Hotel and Corporate Houses etc.Benefits of Fire Safety Audit, Fire Safety audits enable the organizations toaddress the issues by identifying the following, Identify all significant firehazards, Identify the people who are at risk from each hazard. Evaluate ifexisting control measures reduce risk to a tolerable level.  Determine the required additional controlmeasures required. Availability of adequate means of escape from the premisesin case of fire. Availability of suitable fire detection and firefightingfacilities. Availability of suitable emergency plan detailing responsibilitiesand actions of key personnel. information and instruction to all occupants ofpremises about fire safety. Upkeep and testing of all fire safety equipment andprecautions. Methodology, Methodology of conducting the Fire Safety Auditsinvolves the following, A walkthrough the concerned premises. Review of thelayout and drawings.  Review of theexisting firefighting systems in the premises. Review of the awareness regardingavailability and operations of the firefighting systems in and across theorganization. Recommendations for corrective and preventive actions, Updatefire safety risk management data base , Prepare additional reports or relevantpaperwork and send as soon as possible ,If necessary arrange and undertake anyfollow up action etc. Audit Team,The companies audit team consists ofexperienced auditors having more than 25 years of auditing experience in thefield across various industries. Brief on Safety Audit In India and the worldover, Industrial accidents are the single most contributors for the majority ofhuman loss and property damage. Industry and organizations normally focus onproduction, productivity and quality issues and seldom overlook the safetysystems and concerns. In fact it has been observed in majority of theindustries, that the inherent safety systems are compromised to improveproduction and productivity, resulting in catastrophic consequences. SafetyAudits facilitate in identifying and mitigating these concerns and provideinputs for improving the safety performance without compromising on safetyissues. Safety Audit, Safety audits are a systematic and independent evaluationof the unsafe conditions and unsafe acts within the organization and providemeans of preventing loss of life and property.

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