Fire Safety Audit in Delhi

Fire Safety Audit in Delhi
Fire Safety Audit in Delhi
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Fire safety audit refers to an independent assessment of fire risks. An audit can be carried out in relation to an enterprise, real estate objects, fire protection means and systems, products and equipment.If fire protection deficiencies are discovered and remedied in good time, they cannot cause any damage. Fire safety audit is a fire and technical investigation activity carried out by specialists. It is necessary to check documentation, premises, buildings. It is imperative to determine the security level of buildings and their compliance with standards. If necessary, examinations, studies, calculation of the fire risk.

An independent assessment of the fire risk is determined by failure to comply with fire protection requirements. Experts give recommendations on how to rectify deficiencies in production, as well as on specific facilities.

In a fire protection audit, CIL develop the protection goals for your renovation or for the existing building. We draw the escape routes and the need for smoke detectors, define the requirements of the fire protection walls and doors and plan the safety lighting. We submit the fire protection concept to the authorities for acceptance.


An independent audit is necessary for the owner of the business because of the following advantages:

  • Get information about fire safety
  • Identification of fire risks
  • Using a plan to remedy deficiencies
  • Detailed documentation of the deficiencies found
  • insurance benefits are provided in the event of a fire
  • Separation of responsibility for the object
  • Serious, risk-oriented suggestions for remedying defects
  • professional advice
  • 3 years without review.
  • Structural fire protection: The right building materials in harmony with fire protection
  • Technical fire protection: The optimal technology for your safety in the event of fire
  • Organizational fire protection: Guarantee of fire protection in the company

There may be other reasons Fire safety audit. Having received the full information from the auditor, the owner has the opportunity to plan the organization's program of action. The information will help to correct deficits economically, improve security and set up the necessary systems.


A fire audit is understood as a special set of measures taken to bring the facility into full compliance with the current fire safety standards. Specialists involved in conducting a fire audit conduct routine inspections of the state of fire protection of an object - industrial or otherwise. When conducting a fire audit, the existing shortcomings and violations in the organization of fire safety are revealed.

The benefits of a fire audit can be summarized as follows:

  • Based on the results of the fire audit, the real impact of the fire protection system on fire safety is calculated, which allows you to choose the most effective and profitable ways to protect without wasting costs.
  • increasing the level of protection of the population, territories, property of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.
  • The owner of the protected object receives reliable and comprehensive information about the degree of fire safety of the object.
  • reducing the administrative burden on business entities as a result of their withdrawal from the "service" sector by state supervisory authorities.
  • exemption of fire authorities from control at insignificant objects, focusing their efforts on objects with a massive presence of people, potentially dangerous and socially significant objects;
  • taking into account the results of risk assessment when assigning the amounts of insurance fees and their differentiation depending on the level of security of the facility.
  • ensuring transparency of procedures for exercising supervisory functions, preventing manifestations of corruption in this area of activity.
  • The audit company does not stop the activity, does not fine the customer for violations, but on the contrary, helps to find the optimal solution for the owner within a reasonable time frame;

Thanks to preventive and targeted safety measures, fire safety audit recognizes the risks at an early stage and do everything in power to avoid potential damage. It develops risk-appropriate fire protection concepts and support you in choosing the appropriate structural, technical and organizational measures. Our services are individually tailored to your property or company, the concept is created according to your needs and situation.


A fire audit is usually carried out in several stages. At the beginning, an agreement is concluded for its implementation, which describes in detail all the actions of the specialists conducting the audit and the expected results. The service of conducting a fire audit can be offered only by specialists of an accredited organization

The procedure for conducting a fire audit includes analysis of documentation, actual inspection of facilities, expert assessments and calculations of possible risk. A fire audit is carried out for any objects, regardless of their size and functional purpose.

The audit firm draws up an action program and organizes a group of experts. Then specialists visit the site to assess the fire safety risks.

An important step in the work is the analysis of documents. You can see the regulatory framework, safety conditions. Be sure to take into account the results of the latest checks, regardless of who performed them.

Calculation of the fire class

After that, a check is carried out on the technical fire condition of the system. This survey checks the area, heating systems, water supply, alarms. The quality of the evacuation exits, the protective means, the main elements for the elimination of the fire are checked. After such work, a fire safety decision is made, violations are noted, the situation in the facility is changed. No less important is the human factor, so training is required for workers, who must be aware of the behavior of the fire and the danger of its occurrence.

If necessary, the auditor will conduct the test to determine the exact condition of the object. In order to carry out this work, experts from different fields are involved. Such activities allow us to give precise recommendations for the maintenance of premises.

A fire license is issued after the audit. Experts provide information on the condition of the system and on compliance requirements. Rules for improving the security system are issued, which are necessary for the smooth operation of the company.

Establishment of a fire brigade

The document is prepared on the basis of information on the review and assess the risks of the facility. The conclusion is issued when the fire safety is at an acceptable level and the company does not have violations dangerous to all activities.

If deficiencies are found, a conclusion about non-compliance with safety conditions. The specialized institution that carries out the work gives the customer a program with the necessary measures to eliminate violations.

A fire safety audit is an independent assessment of fire risks. An audit can be carried out in relation to an enterprise, real estate objects, fire protection means, and systems, products, and equipment.
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